Salvagewrights built a period gate and hurdles to represent
the entrance as it was in James Madison's time.   
gate   -   cypress and heart pine, mortise and tenon
hurdles   -   hand riven oak rails, mortised styles,
           wooden pins fasten all parts together

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To help visitors visualize the areas where domestic and skilled slaves lived and worked during
the Madison era,  Montpelier appointed Salvagewrights in 2011 and 2012 to build timber
outlines of a detached kitchen,  2 smokehouses, and 3 living duplexes in the South Yard.

Salvagewrights has led four week-long workshops at Montpelier in which participants took part
in reconstructing three cabins and one timber frame slave quarter duplex.

 February 2014 - Granny Milly's log cabin home   
 February 2015 - log cabin field slave quarter 
 October 2015  -  timber frame slave duplex
 February 2017 - log cabin field slave quarter

"Log Cabin School Will Recreate Slave House at Montpelier"      article in The Daily Progress, Charlottesville, Va. 2/7/2014
                                                                                                             written by  Ginger Donelson- Orange County Review
Building Me a Home - by Leoneda Inge

photo credit The Montpelier Foundation
James  Madison's  Montpelier      
South Yard
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Two smokehouses now join the two slave quarter duplexes
at Montpelier's South Yard.

The footprints of the buildings were studied and
documented by the archeology department. The
preservation department surveyed multiple smokehouses
in central Virginia to create the blueprints for the two
smokehouses seen here.

The initial timber outlines built in 2011 and 2012, are now
being replaced with finished structures.
South Yard
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